Hi Guys
My name is Emmylee and. ….

I’m a Scaredy Cat.
And a hypochondriac.
And a memory hoarder.
And an anxious mess.

So yeah, now that I have admitted it, it’s real. I literally have no idea how to fix this!
But before you go on about “just do it”
Let me explain first..

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This post is so ridiculously late but I’m still writing it!  My mom went to Germany in late April and brought us all things from Germany. The post title (a la GoogleTranslate) literally means new items! I will post pictures !



She got tons of chocolate from our fave store Aldi. Aldi is a German grocery store that is also here in the US. They have amazing discount items and all of the generic foods are the same quality or better than name brands.



My sister and I both got some fashion nails. I love the bold designs! I got a new face wash and a cream. I hav’t opened it yet because I want to really make sure it will work with my skin. I’m thinking of doing a whole post on just those because I really love them!
She also got my younger sister and I some boots! (I forgot to take pictures)


She got some teething gel for my daughter,  and I am convinced that the Dentinox is what made her little teeth come out!  They came about 2days after I started using it after 8 months of teething!

And my favorite!



This dress is going to be Baby Bears first bday dress.  I want to add a hot pink tutu under it and some ribbon as her shoelaces. The sandals are wayyy too big but so pretty!

So anyways,  just sharing the joy!
German chocolate is LEGIT btw!

Happy Mothers Day

Happy mother’s day to all the mothers in the world. Not just the perfect mother’s…oh no.


Today is a day for the mothers who have jobs, who stay at home, the ones who yell and the ones who spank. The ones who attachment parent and baby wear. The ones who cloth diaper and the ones who disposable diaper. To mom’s of Angel Babies,grown ups,toddlers and teens. Happy Mother’s day to Christian mom’s and Muslim mom’s. Atheist mommys Santeria Mom’s Wiccan mom’s and confused mommies too. Happy Mothers Day to non vaccinating mom’s,   pro vax,preppers,and high tech mom’s too. To mom’s in jail, or separated from their children for whatever reason;to step-moms and grandmoms and weekend mom’s and god-moms. To every single mother whether by birth or adoption or circumstance. Whether you gave your child up or you terminated before then. Whatever your parenting style beliefs or circumstances HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

All too often we as mothers judge and critique other mothers because they aren’t like us. I pray that today we can all celebrate mothers, and recognize the hard choices that come with every facet of motherhood. Because today is about all of us,no matter our life choices. No matter the bavk story,  our stories wouldn’t be the same without our mothers. Because whether you think they sucked or the sun revolves around them. ..We would not be the mothers and wives and husband’s and fathers and brothers and sisters we are today. Without mothers there would be no US.

So Happy Mothers Day mom’s out there. And Thank you!

Because mothers day

Houston we have a….

Tooth! !!! Well two actually, although one is taking its sweet time actually showing up in pictures. My sweet Baby Bear is now 8months old! In addition to the teeth she has recently learned to clap, and she tries to stand up on her own. YAY BABIES!

Behold, TEETH!

And one more I was able to snatch!

One tooth wonder!

Lap-Band adjustment

Hey Guys!

Yesterday I was able to get time off in order to go see my daughter’s dr and my surgeon. She’s healthy as a horse  (& strong as one too apparently!).We have been blessed with healthy children,  so I cannot complain at all.

I saw my surgeon for a fill. A little back story,  I haven’t gotten anything put in for about 2 years. I thought I was at a good weight and basically didn’t want to be bothered. Funny thing is the WHOLE TIME I was super sad about not losing anything but was too in denial to go do anything about it. Maybe I wasn’t mentally ready?  Whatever the case when I was pregnant I had the PA Christina take everything except 2cc . Christina is the only person who has ever done my fills since surgery.
So now,  8months and almost 30 lbs later, I FINALLY stopped being scared. Since my insurance does not have bariatric surgery as a covered benefit I am going to do whatever it takes to get to my goal.
This was my first time getting filled from him. It was really interesting. My husband and both kids were in the room with me, and I had to explain to Little Bear what was happening.He took it like a champ! The needle actually didn’t hurt at all (not that it ever really does). Dr. Cohen is actually really gentle and funny but he is concerned about my weight.
My surgeon has me at 4cc now. My weight was 230lbs and my height is 5’4 (I’m shocked lol I thought I was shorter). I will need to go back next month to see the surgeon again per his request. My goal is to be down to 220by the time of the visit.

Let’s just talk about this liquid diet thing for a moment. OHMIGOSH!!!! I am sooooo HUNGRY!  I’m on liquids today soft tomorrow and regular by Sunday. I don’t think I have been doing my past fills right at all because this time around I am reeeeally struggling. I won’t lie,  I’ve been lazy in the past so now I’m really following all advice. I had a oatmeal banana smoothie last night and a protein shake before bed. I woke up STARVED slightly hungry! I made a soup and put it in the blender for breakfast.  And now as I’m writing I am having peanut butter almond shake.
So far so good, but Let me just cuss for a minute.

Why is this so DAMN hard?!
There is a total lack of full liquid recipes for us out there! I feel like I’m searching through a fog in order to find tasty nutritious liquids to eat/drink.

Any other banders have this problem?  Do you have any good recipes? 

Help a banded sister out!

May Goals

May Goals

Commit your work to the LORD, and your plans will be established. Proverbs 16:3

Revisit old goals- all my old goals need to be revisited. I feel like the fact that I was making a conscious effort made it worse and harder to keep up. I did successfully bring lunch MOST of the month. I also did Bible study, and I spent time outdoors MOST days. I did not go to church every Sunday because April was a very full month. So this month, I will do better!

Eat smaller portions- I am getting my band filled on May 7th so I will be getting a little help in this department, but I am a natural grazer so this will still be a challenge. My plan is to eat 3 main meals, and 3 small snacks. I almost never eat dinner, but that’s not helping me out because then I am RAVENOUS in the morning, and then… McDonald’s. So to try to avoid that I will be measuring out my food on Meal Plan Mondays!

Register Little Bear for sports- He needs to get out the house more often, so registering him in organized sports is the first step in making sure he learns good sportsmanship and integrity as well as letting him be active. My little guy has A LOT of energy and I know being pent up in the house all summer is going to be a lot on him.

Get  a pedicure- because everyone needs to take some time to themselves and get pampered!

Build my wardrobe I think I’m actually going to be writing a full post on this soon. The main point of the goal is I want to throw out an article of clothing for every new one that I buy. And I also want to buy myself something every week. Nothing big, but like a new shirt or new earrings, things like that.

So guys, what are your May Goals?