The Elections are Over, God’s work is not

With the elections finally over, I feel like I can finally exhale.  I am totally still “Feeling the Bern”! While this election’s outcome may not be what we hoped for, it may not be what we want, but it is what was chosen. Social media is an explosion of opinions on both sides of the political sphere and you have to have a very strong stomach to make it through some of these comment sections. But at the end of the day, we have no choice but to live!

     This presidential election was about much more than politics this year. It was about what we stand for as a country. The values we want our children to uphold. Children all over the country are asking their parents why a Bully is being allowed to be the president when we are teaching them to be tolerant and peaceful. The image we want to show the rest of the world of a strong, tolerant, and inclusive society. All of those things that are usually thought of in a “religious vs non-religious” viewpoint suddenly became fodder for this Presidential Election. Normally, its Christian Conservative Values vs Liberal Secular Values that are being debated, even without using those exact words. It’s always been a pretty clear distinction, making it easy to understand what party you align with more. This election cycle has shown us that values are not always as “black and white” as we once so naively assumed. Whether you are Democratic or Republican, each candidate had his or her flaws put on display.

Now that it is over and the results are in…..

We spent the last year and a half watching everything we feared being thrown back at us 24/7 in a constant stream of consciousness by the media. We are more than Republicans, Democrats, Liberals and Conservatives. We are more than Country Bumpkins and City Slickers. We are Children of the MOST HIGH GOD and with that title comes great responsibility. I will freely admit, I am and have always been very passionate about politics. I’m sure if you have read anything on my blog, you would know how much I violently dislike negativity and hatefulness. I cannot tolerate sexism, racism, classism, ableism, or any other-ism that puts one group as superior or inferior to another.  Sometimes, I get caught up in being “a voice of reason” and I try to “educate” others that my worldview is the only worldview that could be correct. This presidential election is no exception, and I was vocal as ever with my viewpoints and reasoning. It wasn’t until Donald Trump was announced as the next President of the U.S that I truly took a look at myself.

You know how someone can say something off-hand, and think nothing of it? That comment may be off-hand for the person who is speaking it, but in my case, an off-hand comment is all it took to truly convict me.

            “Trump will never be my President! I’m going to disrespect him the same way ya’ll disrespected Obama during his Presidency!”

            Is this the type of person I want to be? The type of person who disregards her Christian duty to follow the rules of the land and submit to the laws of whatever country I live in (1 Peter 2:13-17)?  Hateful, spiteful, vengeful and so self-centered to think that only my thoughts and beliefs matter? Absolutely NOT!

God has laid out and defined clear examples for us to follow in order to be more like Him. I spent 8 years in a country that verbally taunted, harassed, and did everything possible to undermine the power of its President. I know in my heart that God would not want to see me following in those hateful footsteps. As much as I may have complained, or disliked the candidates, the laws of this land have upheld Donald Trump as our President.  I am not afraid of this. In fact, I embrace it!

I want to take today to remind us that we are greater than our fears. As a black mother in America, I have been fearful for my son, my husband, my father, my brother. Now I am declaring that I am greater than this fear that has engulfed us. I am a child of the MOST HIGH GOD and with that knowledge; I will embrace the chance to fully support and pray for the success of our new president. Why?

Because No weapon formed against me shall prosper (Isaiah 54:17)

Because I am not a woman of little faith, and He will calm the Winds and the Waters (Matthew 8:26)

Because I know that God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control. (2 Timothy 1:7)


I am greater than my fears about the direction of our country because of the protection of God’s love, and I am going to walk in that truth this coming 4 years. I may not agree with our new President, but I do not fear him. I will respect him. I will follow the laws of the land, not out of respect or love for my country;not out of some misguided form of patriotism. Out of respect and love for God’s Children; Out of obedience to His word. And most importantly, I will do this because I desire to live a life that is pleasing to My God. This is a test that I will stand on faith to pass.

So for the next four years, I will be using this Presidency to teach myself (and my family) how to stand in the Grace of God and be a testimony to those around me. I will be forgiving to the hatred that is being spewed and I will not allow myself to be a part of it. As for me and my house

We shall serve the Lord!


Will you join me?




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