Chia Fresca!

I found this wonderful gem online.  I’ve been trying to find new ways to use my chia seeds since I have alot of them now. I’ve done alot of different chia pudding recipes, and added them to several foods but I really wanted to have a way to drink them without blending them.

Thankfully I’m obsessed with and I found several Chia Fresca recipes!I adapted them into my own tastes and I present to you *drumroll please*

Chia FrescaMia!


Not the best name but hey it is MY chia fresca recipe!

So here it is:

1/2 cup chia seeds
Juice of 3 limes (I cut one in quarters and put it in the bottle)
2tbsp honey
Raw sugar/Stevia to taste

Combine ingredients in a bottle that holds at least 16oz. Fill to the top with filtered/purified water and chill for at least 2hrs. I prefer to leave it over night. The seeds sink to the bottom, so shake well before drinking.

Mmmm yum! Now I can sip on my protein packed, cancer fighting, calcium building super seeds all day, and it even helps keep me full!

Happy Holidays!


Lap-Band adjustment

Hey Guys!

Yesterday I was able to get time off in order to go see my daughter’s dr and my surgeon. She’s healthy as a horse  (& strong as one too apparently!).We have been blessed with healthy children,  so I cannot complain at all.

I saw my surgeon for a fill. A little back story,  I haven’t gotten anything put in for about 2 years. I thought I was at a good weight and basically didn’t want to be bothered. Funny thing is the WHOLE TIME I was super sad about not losing anything but was too in denial to go do anything about it. Maybe I wasn’t mentally ready?  Whatever the case when I was pregnant I had the PA Christina take everything except 2cc . Christina is the only person who has ever done my fills since surgery.
So now,  8months and almost 30 lbs later, I FINALLY stopped being scared. Since my insurance does not have bariatric surgery as a covered benefit I am going to do whatever it takes to get to my goal.
This was my first time getting filled from him. It was really interesting. My husband and both kids were in the room with me, and I had to explain to Little Bear what was happening.He took it like a champ! The needle actually didn’t hurt at all (not that it ever really does). Dr. Cohen is actually really gentle and funny but he is concerned about my weight.
My surgeon has me at 4cc now. My weight was 230lbs and my height is 5’4 (I’m shocked lol I thought I was shorter). I will need to go back next month to see the surgeon again per his request. My goal is to be down to 220by the time of the visit.

Let’s just talk about this liquid diet thing for a moment. OHMIGOSH!!!! I am sooooo HUNGRY!  I’m on liquids today soft tomorrow and regular by Sunday. I don’t think I have been doing my past fills right at all because this time around I am reeeeally struggling. I won’t lie,  I’ve been lazy in the past so now I’m really following all advice. I had a oatmeal banana smoothie last night and a protein shake before bed. I woke up STARVED slightly hungry! I made a soup and put it in the blender for breakfast.  And now as I’m writing I am having peanut butter almond shake.
So far so good, but Let me just cuss for a minute.

Why is this so DAMN hard?!
There is a total lack of full liquid recipes for us out there! I feel like I’m searching through a fog in order to find tasty nutritious liquids to eat/drink.

Any other banders have this problem?  Do you have any good recipes? 

Help a banded sister out!

Trying New Things

Hi There!

I am so excited! I love coming home and finding a package waiting for me. And lucky me, I have had 2 boxes show up in the past week! I can’t wait to start using my new things.

I got a bathtub for Baby Bear, from Summer Infant. I am currently still testing it out, so I will do a full review this weekend. A couple of weeks back, Summer Infant company contacted me to do a product review, so I really am excited to finally use it and possibly continue doing reviews for the company (and others!) I wont ruin the final product with a dissertation before the review though!

I also got Bentonite Clay! So, originally I got this so I could do facials and hopefully clear these stubborn whiteheads. I went online to start researching the best masks to make with it, and I found a whole host of other uses! My mind is boggled. I didn’t even know you could do a detox with this, but now that I know I am excited. The uses of bentonite clay are endless.  Bentonite clay is made of volcanic ash. According to it carries a strong negative charge, so when mixed with water, it swells and forms a bond with bodily toxins until it is expelled from your system.  I’m not a fitness or nutrition buff (yet), but it seems to me that it is a huge benefit during weight loss. That first two or three months were you are creating better habits and ridding your system of all the toxic waste that it had trapped in your fat would probably be a lot smoother if you had a glass or two of Bentonite Clay water daily. All those toxins being flushed would probably help skin hair and general well-being. I want to try it so I can gauge how well it helps my headaches and my skin especially. And yeah… the fat too lol.  I am so going to create a weekly menu as part of my May Goals, and I’m going to incorporate the Bentonite clay. It can So expect a few clay posts in the coming weeks.

Things have been so jumbled at home the past few days because my in-laws are in town.  I haven’t been able to work on the blog daily, but I have definitely drafted new ideas, and I even started posting on my Facebook. Up until recently, I had deactivated my Facebook for personal reasons. But now I started it back up and I post on it with my blog! I also have a blog Pinterest, because I’ve clearly been obsessed with Pinterest since it was created. Add me, follow me, let’s get social!!

Anyways guys, tell me something. What are YOUR favorite detox products? Do you have anything you SWEAR by?  Will you try the Bentonite Clay with me?

April Goals


Better late than never, is what I always say! I finally got a chance to put together my monthly goals for April. I am starting small, but everything was small once, right?

April Goals

1. Teach Little Bear Bible Songs
2. Create a weekly budget
3. Attend Church weekly
4. Work on Blog Daily
5. Spend time outside daily
6. Attend Bible Study
7. Bring my own lunch 3 days a week
8. Actively make better food choices

So my list seems really small to the outside observer. To me, it’s a mountain that needs to be climbed. Generally, when I come home from work each day, I cuddle with my kids, watch a little TV, and drift to bed. This is not at all conducive to good health. I am not spending my days doing anything productive! By giving myself little goals to achieve, I can practice creating larger goals and sticking to my game plan.

Teach Little Bear Bible Songs- This is one of my goals because he is OBSESSED with the Veggie Tales songs CD. So every time we get into the car, we listen to Veggie Tales, or other Bible Songs. I would rather have him singing “Father Abraham” constantly, then singing Two Chainz all day. Our other radio station is the Joel Osteen station, which to my surprise, he prefers to music. I guess when your mom only listens to 2 things on the radio, it rubs off on you! He LOVES Joel Osteen, and often asks me to clarify what his message means while we are in the car. I’m happy he is being influenced by my new more positive listening choices, and I want him to continue to find happiness in POSITIVE entertainment.

Create a weekly budget- I really need to get control of my finances. It’s one thing to have enough to cover everything, but another completely to be able to plan for your money. I want to be able to plan for my future, go out on dates with my husband, go on mini-vacations with my children. I want to be able to thrive with our money, and unless we eliminate spending that is unnecessary and track our money, it will never happen. Plus, budgeting is the grown up thing to do!

Attend Church weekly- Must I really go into detail? Church is good for the soul. And if you don’t attend “church” then any spiritual activity is good too! Meditation, uplifting music, prayer, anything that helps you commune with the Holy Spirit, in whatever you need to feel whole. I personally NEED Spirit in my life, or I feel very lost and almost without direction, so I take it any way I can! Others prefer to do their worship privately. I have a friend who goes to the beach every weekend in the early morning hours, just so she can center herself and pray in a setting she finds peaceful.

Work on Blog Daily- Again, do you REALLY have to ask? I love my blog and it’s so fun to work on it. I haven’t written this much in a while, and I think it’s really helping my creativity!

Spend time outside daily- I love the outdoors. I love the breeze and the sun and I want my children to learn to love it as well. I want to try to spend even just 10 minutes outside every day. Sometimes, I go to walk the family dog, sometimes I just stand outside to watch my son play with his friends. It makes me feel much better to be outside. Next month the goal will be upgraded to taking a walk daily, because I really want to implement more family outside time to our routine.

Attend Bible Study- I would like to take this time to share a little story with you guys. I just recently started a new job in November. Come the end of April, I will be out of my probationary period. My church starts the Ladies Bible study group on Tuesday April 14th 2015 at 6:50pm every Tuesday. I knew my schedule would only allow me to go for a few weeks before my schedules changed at work to the 11:30am to 8pm schedule. I tried not to worry, but it was a little frustrating that this new schedule was not going to allow me much time with my children, and there was no real way it would change for at least the next year. But yesterday, my whole job was informed that the center would now be closing at 6:30 pm. I AM OVERJOYED! Now I don’t have to worry about making it to Bible Study, football games, or getting to lounge with the kids over the summer. By not putting my energy on the problem, and planning on attending Bible Study, I think I was favored! I didn’t do my normal, anxiety-ridden obsessive re-hashing of the issue, and therefore my energy was spent positively influencing the outcome. (Don’t contradict me! Lol I know I know I know, and I don’t care!) A long time ago, I was taught the phrase “Speak it into existence” by my sweet 80-something year old Godmother, and as long as I use my voice to speak positivity into the universe, I am calling positive things to me. I didn’t even know this was a religious principle until I recently started listening to Joel Osteen on the radio, but it definitely is doing me justice to keep following it. I love when old wisdom is proved true!

Bring my own lunch 3 days a week / Actively make better food choices – I really need to plan better so I can be successful with this. *thought bubble* I might invest in compartmentalized lunch boxes. I see them on Pinterest all the time, and I really think I could use them! I tried my hand at meal planning last month, and I failed miserably. This month, I am going to tweak that a little. By bringing my own lunch MOST days, I will be able to make better food choices consciously. If I do my meals the night before then I will still be in fully motivated eat healthy mode. If I wait until the day of, I will probably get JUNK! It’s going to taste yummy, but I won’t be losing any weight =(. That knocks out 2 things on my list.

So guys, what are YOUR April goals? What do you think of mine? Do you have a plan for the month?

Dealing with the Disappointment

So I had my consultation the other day! YAY, right? Well… you might ask… if it went so well, Emmylee, then why is your post titled dealing with Disappointment? Sigh. Let me explain.
I went to see my surgeon, and he agrees with me that getting the band removed would be a great idea. I haven’t had any sustained weight loss, and I haven’t found my “sweet spot”.( For you non-banded folks the “sweet spot” is the amount of fluid in your band that helps you lose weight with no complications) 
Dr. Cohen thinks that if I haven’t found the sweet spot in 5 years, it’s probably because I do not have one, or it is so minute that it is nearly impossible to find. He also believes I am a great candidate for the sleeve, given that I already understand the risks, I have gone through the bariatric screening process already, and I am qualified for the sleeve by my BMI and co-morbidities. But due to the great many issues that come with having health insurance, neither of my insurance companies is prepared to cover me for the surgery!

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The Journey

I remember once when I was about 13, my aunt decided to take me shopping with her and 2 of my other cousins. My mom gave me $50 dollars (which is A LOT of money to a 13 year old) and I had my favorite female cousins with me; I just knew it was going to be an amazing day. I remember that up until that day, I rarely thought about my size compared to my cousin’s. I was about 20-30lbs overweight at this point, and although my mom and the doctor talked to me about it, I just never paid attention to what that really meant about myself.
That day, we went from store to store trying on clothes for school. Charlotte Russe had cute clothes, but nothing in my size. Wet Seal, 579, and USA Tops all had the cutest clothes at the best prices (I’ve always been a little frugal!), and my cousins were buying bags and bags of clothes with their $50. I started to get a little anxious around store 3. My aunt kept forcing asking me to try  on new clothes, and time after time I couldn’t zip, button, or snap a thing! Needless to say, by this point I was getting very discouraged. The last straw for my fragile ego was when we went to the GAP. Finally, something fit! I looked GOOD! I was HAPPY!
…. That is until I saw the price tag. The one pair of jeans that fit me, and made me feel normal, were $50. There was no way I could spend my whole shopping budget on one pair of jeans. I was devastated, but then one comment made by my aunt broke me down to tears. Continue reading